NYPD Advising Upgrade to iOS 7

NYPD flyer advising an upgrade to iOS 7

Michael Hoffman on Twitter:

Four uniformed NYPD officers were at my subway stop tonight asking me to upgrade to iOS 7. Not a joke!

Of course, they’re referencing the new Activation Lock feature in iOS 7 that means you can’t wipe the phone without the associated Apple ID. I’m still not sure if this is going to serve as a deterrent from people stealing devices, but might make a casual thief think twice.

One other thing; make sure you disable Control Center on your lock screen. I know, convenience and all that, but it also allows a crook to instantly enable Airplane mode on your phone without a passcode. It’s not much good if your newly-secured iOS 7 device that’s unable to be wiped disappears off the map for a few days, then suddenly shows up in Belize (of course, it must be said that a thief can also switch your phone off, so that’s not bulletproof either).

There’s also been an identified passcode flaw in the lock screen that’s enabled via Control Center, so there’s two reasons for you.

Switch it off via Settings -> Control Center -> Access on Lock Screen.