Nexus 5 Review

Geoff Fieldew from Ausdroid:

Previous Nexus phones have mainly appealed to fans of ‘pure’ or ‘stock’ Android. Those days are over. You don’t have to be some sort of Android purist to enjoy a Nexus 5. Now that LTE and better battery life are here, I can recommend a Nexus 5 to anyone wholeheartedly and without reservation. OK, just one caveat – you’ll need to be a patient photographer.

I had the chance to briefly play with a black Nexus 5 this weekend, and came away fairly impressed with the hardware build, but news of the lacklustre camera is a real buzz-kill for me.

To lack confidence that your brand-new, fresh-out-of-the-box phone can take nice pictures snappily? I don’t care what model it is—that would make me think twice about any purchase.