Musk, The Boring Company & Hyperloop gain government approval for a 220 mile tunnel

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Elon Musk says he won “verbal” government approval to build the world’s longest tunnel for an ultra-high-speed train line to connect New York to Washington.

The train, known as a hyperloop, would make the 220 mile connection in 29 minutes, Musk said in a post on Twitter Thursday. He provided few details, and a spokesperson for his new digging enterprise, called the Boring Company, declined to comment on the project.

The Musk-hype-train went into overdrive this morning when the man  dropped a tweet saying they were going to get to work on what would be the world’s longest tunnel connecting NY & DC.

The Boring Company has since come out to re-iterate the verbally accepted proposal but with no signatures on dotted lines it’s nothing more than a bunch of political head nods and handshakes.

There are no details around when the project might start and considering the Boring Company is nothing more than a second hand tunnel digger and Hyperloop doesn’t have a full scale functioning prototype it could be a long while.

Interestingly I found out today, the HyperLoop system, which Musk deemed too time consuming to pursue himself, requires a virtually straight tunnel to function. No bends in the underground roads of the future it would seem.

Source: Elon Musk Claims U.S. Approval for World’s Longest Tunnel – Bloomberg