Microsoft Sez: We hate iWork, buy Surface!

Frank Shaw (VP of Communications at Microsoft) at the Official Microsoft Blog:

Note: If you are the TL;DR type, let me cut to the chase. Surface and Surface 2 both include Office, the world’s most popular, most powerful productivity software for free and are priced below both the iPad 2 and iPad Air respectively. Making Apple’s decision to build the price of their less popular and less powerful iWork into their tablets not a very big (or very good) deal.

Microsoft is a company of two halves right now. On one side, they just had a great quarter and crushed beat revenue estimates, buoyed by their enterprise divisions. On the other side, one of their VPs is taking time out of his day to blog a rant at Apple?

The tone of that blog post characterises their consumer division perfectly; defensive, nervous and slightly confusing.