Microsoft announce ‘Surface Studio’ an all-in-one PC for creatives

Microsoft’s biggest product announcement at its Windows 10 event this morning was the Surface Studio, an all-in-one iMac-lookalike that breaks from tradition by folding down into a tilted canvas. It’s a gorgeous device, but its hallmark feature could also come off like a gimmick at first glance.

Gotta give it to Microsoft, this is one sexy looking machine. Yes their little dial thing is a wireless version of Griffin’s Powermate that’s been out for years but unlike The Verge I disagree that it’s what makes the machine so exciting.

The Surface Studio is essentially a 28″ Wacom Cintiq display stuffed with a pretty decent PC. The whole thing is then mounted on an ergonomic arm and coupled with your regular PC accessories. It’s definitely not going to appeal to everyone but for those in the creative space I can see the attraction straight away.

It’s not cheap, nor would you expect it to be – 28″ touch screens with that level of sensitivity never are. Starting at USD$3k it sits in a competitive space when you couple a similar PC with high-quality tablet. Plus it looks damn sexy.

Microsoft are making heavy strides into the hardware market and Apple are very much on the back-foot. Innovation is coming from everywhere other than where we’ve come to expect it. The times, they’re a changing.

Source: Microsoft’s Surface Studio could change how you think about Windows – The Verge

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