Man Arrested In Kingaroy For Hacking, Stealing Bitcoin

Queensland Police News blog:

A 21-year-old Kingaroy man has been charged with a tainted property offence relating to a substantial amount of Bitcoin he had obtained as a result of computer hacking offences he allegedly committed earlier this year.

Kingaroy? Bitcoin? I did not see that coming.

Also Campbell Simpson from Gizmodo reports:

The hacker is the same man who was charged by Queensland Police, working with the FBI, in March for hacking an officially-unnamed US gaming company. That company is believed to be Riot Games, which in August 2013 was forced to reset League of Legends player passwords in North America and announce that 120,000 transaction records and credit card data were stolen.

What an odd story. I’ve been to Kingaroy a few times for work; it might be the last place in the world I’d expect a Bitcoin-hoarding hacker to live.

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