LG prepping trademarks for incoming Chrome OS devices

Tim Lince at ™Watch:

South Korean technology giant LG has lodged a host of Australian trade marks that suggest it is planning to launch a range of Google Chrome OS-based devices.

In the last week, the company has filed trade marks for ‘ChromeOne’, ‘ChromeDesk’ and ‘ChromeStation’, all covering various technology devices.

Firstly, a nice find by Tim; it looks like LG is gearing up to enter the emerging Chrome OS market, and soon.

I’m not sure what to make of the ‘ChromeOne’ name, but the ‘ChromeDesk’ & ‘ChromeStation’ monikers would certainly indicate a workstation PC rather than a laptop.

Perhaps this product (or products) will be the Google-approved successor to the Samsung Chromebox, or even an iMac-like all-in-one PC running Chrome OS?

Along with the much-leaked Nexus 5, hopefully we’ll see these names make an appearance at the Google Play event on October 24th.

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