Lenovo announces new Yoga Book tablet

Lenovo has announced the all-new Yoga Book, a different kind of tablet. It uses Lenovo’s now-familiar “watchband” hinge to put together two different pieces. The first is the usual touchscreen you’d expect, but the second is something new: it’s a touch-sensitive surface powered by Wacom. It has light-up keys that make it a keyboard, but it also accepts input from a stylus.

[…] there are two variants getting released in October. The first runs on Android Marshmallow and runs $499. The other is a Windows 10 version, for $549. Both versions come with the stylus / pen included and also have LTE radios.

Definitely an interesting product. I like how the stylus can have an ink cartridge popped into it and it syncs your real handwritten notes across to the device in real time.

The device itself is ultimately gutless with an Atom 5x processor and 4GB of RAM but hey it’s not aimed at a market to render 3D models on is it.

Another thing to note, there doesn’t appear to be anywhere to keep the stylus? Just like the Apple’s iPad Pro & Pencil.

Source: Lenovo’s Yoga Book is a new kind of tablet | The Verge

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