HP released a thicker laptop with better battery life

The difference between the new x360 and the old x360, in terms of thickness, is minimal, from 15.9mm to 17.8mm. (For reference, the 2015 MacBook Pro was 18mm thick.) It’s an increase of 1.9mm for the Spectre, but HP says it’s now including a battery that’s 23 percent larger in exchange.

This isn’t so much about the laptop, in fact it’s pretty boring, this is about a manufacturer having the guts to make a device thicker to increase its productivity.

Take note Apple. Get rid of the ridiculous camera bumps from your phones and increase their battery life to make the things actually last a day or more. The iPhone 8 doesn’t need to be thinner!

Source: HP made a laptop slightly thicker to add 3 hours of battery life – The Verge

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