Google is reportedly developing a game console

According to reports, Google’s project Yeti could be a streaming device that breaks down the barriers between console and PC gaming.

Apparently one of the worst kept secrets running around at E3 this year was that Google was there talking to a bunch of devs about their new project.

According to Kotaku who first reported the rumour, Google’s entrance into the console market is a three pronged approach.

1) Some sort of streaming platform, 2) some sort of hardware, and 3) an attempt to bring game developers under the Google umbrella, whether through aggressive recruiting or even major acquisitions.

By saying “streaming platform” one’s mind automatically wanders to a Netflix like approach to delivering games, similar to PlayStation Now and the ill-fated OnLive service, however it can also mean simply downloading games to your local storage and playing them there.

Regardless of what it means and what approach Google take, entering the console market will require a hefty investment by parent Alphabet to give it any chance of a fight.

Source: Google Is Working On A Gaming Console To Rival Xbox And Playstation

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