Foxtel rebrands its streaming service & introduces their own puck device

Overnight, Foxtel gave its streaming video service a new name. The prices are the same, and for now there are no new gadgets or hardware to tempt you with. But this is just the first step in a huge transformation in the way Foxtel works and how it sits in Australia’s media landscape.

Gizmodo editor, Campbell Simpson, does his best to put a positive spin on what is unfortunately nothing more than lipstick on a pig.

The same product, a new (hideous) logo, and a pricing structure that is an antiquated mess reminiscent of its cable TV origin, Foxtel Now is not the mecca of streaming services they’d like you to believe. Lets not even bring up the fact that this premium streaming service is only 720p for example.

Lastly the newly announced A$99 Foxtel Now puck seems almost doomed to fail before it begins (in my opinion) and as Foxtel remains stoic in their non-support of the Apple TV they do so in a way that ostracises themselves as a real streaming option in today’s market.

Source: Foxtel Now Is Exactly The Change Foxtel Needs | Kotaku Australia

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