Evernote increases prices & limits devices on free tier

Beginning today, the prices for our Plus and Premium tiers will change for new subscriptions, and access from Evernote Basic accounts will be limited to two devices. Current subscribers and Basic users who are using more than two devices will have some time to adjust before the changes take effect. If you are impacted, look for a message from us in the coming days.

I’m not an Evernote power user by any means and mostly use the app on my phone to take photos of receipts for crap I buy. Rarely do I open it up on my laptop or desktop but it will suck if I choose to open it & it isn’t one of my 2 authorised devices.

Evernote is hardly alone in this space either so increasing pricing and adding limitations at this point seems a bit crazy to me.

Are you an Evernote fan affected by this? Is there a OneNote switch on your horizon?

Source: Changes to Evernote’s Pricing Plans – Evernote Blog