Elon Musk’s Neuralink wants to make your brain USB-C compatible

The goal is to eventually begin implanting devices in paralyzed humans, allowing them to control phones or computers.

Noble cause, ferkin’ freaky premise.

Elon “hype-train” Musk delivered a presentation of Neuralink’s research of pairing the brain with computers and electronics using “threads” embedded in the body.

Each thread is between 4 & 6 μm thick making it far smaller than a human hair. Musk proposed a number of these would be connected to the brain with a Neuralink doctor adding they’d like to do this using lasers instead of “drilling”. Eeek.

The system, which hasn’t even begun the process of obtaining FDA approval, is being trailed with rats in an attempt to prove its stability. The image shown of a wired rat with a USB-C port protruding from it is quite disturbing and far from the nice hearing-aid-esque PR image used for the event.

Of course that’s not the end-goal for humans. The USB-C port is likely to be replaced with some wireless connection,  but we’re far from that.

For Musk, who’s actively spoken out against AI in the past, he sees Neuralink & their N1 sensor as a step forward in the advancement of humanity.

“[I want] to achieve a symbiosis with artificial intelligence,” says Musk, touting that humans will be “left behind” and that instead he wants to work on tech that allows us to “merge with AI”.

Source: Elon Musk unveils Neuralink’s plans for brain-reading ‘threads’ – The Verge