E3 2017 will be open to the public

It has been announced that E3 2017 will open its doors to the public. For the first time ever, the expo which is generally for media and trade will be open to 15,000 people. The first 1,000 tickets will cost $149 USD whilst the next 14,000 will cost $249 USD.

Tickets will provide access to the show floor, panel discussions and other events.

Numbers have definitely feel as though they’ve been trending down over the past few years I’ve attended. Add this to major publisher’s pulling out to setup right next door like EA and you find yourself scrambling for ideas to keep your show relevant.

Should you buy a ticket? Well if you like the idea of waiting in a line for 4 hours while media and industry people continually cut in front of you then sure, knock your socks off!

The ticket doesn’t cover any of the keynotes (which are hard enough to get into as ‘Media’, let me tell you) nor does it guarantee you actually get to play anything.

Source: E3 2017 Is Open To All Gamers For A Price

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