Devs call for action against PewDiePie after most recent brain-fart

PewDiePie, arguably one of the biggest YouTube stars ever, has found himself in hot water after dropping the N-word during a live stream of Players Unknown Battlegrounds.

Never too far from controversy Pew-Dick-Pie is at it again. His most recent “gaff”, dropping the N-word during a live stream, was said with such flippancy observers now believe the word must be one used often as a part of the streamer’s English vocabulary.

Denounced by many, some are taking it even further. Campo Santo co-founder Sean Vanaman submitting a DCMA takedown request to have the streaming celebrity’s play-through of their indie darling “Firewatch” removed from Youtube.

The video, which currently has 5.7M views, is acknowledged by Vanaman as something they likely benefitted from by reaching PewDiePie’s large audience. He goes on to “urge other developers” to do the same and “cut him off from the content that has made him a millionaire”.

Sadly PewDiePie’s largest audience is a young one. The domino effect of his unfiltered “commentary” is large and it’s clear the YouTubers has little regard for his responsibilities in creating content for a youthful audience.

This all comes off the back of his recent comments to further distance himself from being a Nazi after the Charlottesville protests. In his video statement he promised to stop joking about such issues due to recent events. It would seem all he’s done is shift his focus and continues to be an alleged bigot.

Source: PewDiePie drops N-word weeks after distancing himself from Nazism | Metro News

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