Could Hyperloop be coming to Australia?

Hyperloop One’s VP for worldwide business development, Alan James:

“We’re very keen to explore the potential for doing proof of operations in Australia and the reason for that is there’s a clear long-term need for ultra-fast transport on the Australian east coast,” Dr James told The Australian.

“Melbourne to Sydney is the third busiest air corridor in the world and we can give you Melbourne downtown to Sydney downtown in 55 minutes.”

“So we would be looking, either in NSW or Victoria, or possibly in ACT, to develop the first section of that route, to prove the operation of Hyperloop, to get regulatory approval.”

Who wouldn’t love this to happen? Will it? Time will tell but I know if I was Qantas or Virgin the headline alone would have me crappin’ my dacks!

Source: Hyperloop high-speed travel is coming … fast