Calls for Netflix to be subjected to Australian content quotas


Screen Producers Australia has called for Netflix to have Australian content quotas similar to what they have in Europe.

Free to air providers are subjected to this in Australia at the moment so the likelihood it will eventually trickle down to online providers is high. Even more so now that a precedent has been set in the EU.

The problem I have is when you read statements like this from Screen Producers Australia CEO Matthew Deaner;

These are big, disruptive, successful businesses that have had time to expand in the Australian market without making any significant investment in local production. It’s time they step up to the plate and contribute to new Australian film and television production.

Step up to the plate? I think Netflix have done a pretty good job in incorporating local content with their initial launch. Mind you, having a heavily reduced library here also helps bolster the local percentage a bit too.

If anything it’s statements and demands like that which only get peoples backs up & make those screaming the demands look like self-entitled wankers*.

*This post uses 0.5% local content via the word “wankers”.

Source: Screen Producers Australia calls for Netflix to have Australian content quotas – Mumbrella

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