Boom Technology unveil their Concorde successor

The XB-1 is a one-third scale version of the full production model that Boom hopes to have ready for passengers by 2020. The prototype only has room for the pilot, while the commercial-ready version will eventually hold up to 44 passengers.

The startup claims its vehicles will be able to travel from from New York to London — normally a 7-hour flight — in just 3.5 hours, or LA to Sydney — typically a 15-hour trip — in 6 hours and 45 minutes. Tickets will cost the “affordable” price of $5,000 per seat.

I’m sure that “affordable” US$5k price tag is for the shorter NYC to London trip but still – I so want to fly in this thing! I really hope the scaled version works well and we get the real thing!

God (supersonic) speed!

Source: This tiny supersonic jet could be the next generation Concorde – The Verge