Audeze Sine headphones now available in Australia via Aussie Hifi

Are you in the market for some lightning-cabled planar magnetic headphones? Oh hello, Audeze Sine.

The Audeze Sine is also the first on-ear headphone to be iPhone 7 ready. If, as is speculated, the iPhone 7 does away with the headphone jack completely, Audeze Sine already has the cable to deal with it.

They also have an optional DAC-equipped lightning cable (for a hundred bucks more), so that’s pretty nice. You’ll pay around seven hundred bucks for the cans alone, and eight hundred for the whole shebang. Not cheap by any stretch, but you know what audiophiles are like with fancy gear. Money? Psssh.

Apple Stores in the US are already selling them, but if you need your fix in Australia, here’s where to go.

Source: Audeze – Sine – Closed Back Headphones | Available Now at Aussie Hi FI