AppbotX Launches To Help Good Apps Avoid The 1-Star Review

Stuart Hall (formerly of Discovr) is officially launching his new venture, AppbotX:

AppbotX provides feedback screens, FAQs, inline downtime & news notifications, version updates and review prompts for your mobile app. All built natively and specifically for mobile, controlled remotely from the AppbotX servers.

When a great app gets a bad review, that sucks. Stuart doesn’t want that to happen to developers, so he built AppbotX to fix it.

As you might guess by the name, it’s an evolution of his very popular email review delivery service Appbot.

The difference is with AppbotX, Stuart is not only giving you visibility of your reviews, he’s built tools to help. So now if you’re a dev, you can communicate with an app customer and try and solve the problem before they leave you an unfair 1-star review.

It has a ton of handy communication features (like version updates, downtime notices, FAQs and a bunch of other support stuff) that can mean the difference between a meh rating on the App Store, and a great rating.

I’m not a developer (yet!), but I trust Stuart, and I know he’s built AppbotX after being frustrated with this problem for a long time.

iOS-only for now, but coming very soon to Android. If you’re a developer you should definitely check it out.