AMD release benchmarks from its new Ryzen series of CPUs

Right now, AMD’s pitch is all about the value play. As far as they’re concerned, their CPUs are cheaper – significantly so, in the case of the 1800X – and the performance is comparable, if not marginally better in certain scenarios. And having more cores means they’ll get more usage out of non-gaming applications, like streaming or video encoding, too.

Either way, it’s always interesting to see a company come out with tests that don’t always show their product winning.

To give you some perspective the new AMD Ryzen 1800X is retailing for around A$699. It’s has comparable results against Intel’s i7-6900K which will set you back A$1499.

Which would you buy? Bit of a no brainer, especially for someone who also dabbles in multi-core work such as video rendering.

Source: AMD’s Ryzen Benchmarks Show Where It Wins, And Loses, To Intel

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