All hands on Deck

I’ve pulled Peace from the App Store. I’m sorry to all of my fans and customers who bought this on my name, expecting it to be supported for longer than two days. It’ll keep working for a long time if you already have it, but with no updates.

Wow, what a drama filled few days!

Marco Arment has pulled his very popular ad-blocker (let’s not call them content blockers) from the App store. I’m sure it had nothing to do with being friends with Gruber, who was so bullish on ad-blockers before the release of iOS 9, but who freaked out when he saw ad-blockers blocked all ads.

Gruber believes an ad-blocker you pay for should not block all ads by default, especially not ads from The Deck, an invitation only ad-network that serves Gruber and all the mini Grubers of the world.

Interestingly, he links to iMore for instructions on how to get a refund from the App Store. iMore, as you’d remember, was held up by Gruber as the kind of site you need an ad-blocker to visit, because it is jam packed with ads.

One assumes iMore can’t pay their staff on a single, tasteful Deck ad for Squarespace every month. Who cares? Their ads should be blocked! Gruber recommends you use Deck-friendly ad-blockers 1Blocker or Adamant.

iMore, to their credit, have written a post on ad-blockers, with recommendations and instructions of use.

If I was an iOS developer, I’d be writing an app called Grubery, that only blocks ads from The Deck.