9 reasons to get excited for E3 2019

We’re knocking on the door of yet another E3 but without EA and Sony attending a lot of us were worried it could be a bit of a fizzer. Thankfully, the way things are shaping up, that couldn’t be further from the truth. With rumours flying thick and fast E3 2019 seems just as jam-packed as ever, and with just two weeks to go before jumping on a plane to LA here are my top reasons that I think you should get excited about E3 too! 

1. Microsoft are definitely showing off a new Xbox (or two)

Microsoft certainly haven’t been shy when it comes to showing off their cloud prowess with Project xCloud but when it comes to their next console details have been tight lipped.

What we do know is that they’re working on two models that live under the “Scarlett” code name. One of them is said to be a low budget, disc-less successor to the Xbox S, while the other codenamed “Anaconda” is the company’s high-end successor to the Xbox One X and competitor to Sony’s impending PS5.

Expect details on exactly what the upcoming consoles will contain along with more about Microsoft’s GameCore OS, which is said to bring Xbox One and PC development even closer together.

Microsoft are also bringing a little of the E3 experience to Australia and running their fantastic GrE3n Carpet event again at select Hoyts cinemas. Attendees get to watch the Xbox Briefing direct from E3 as well as receive a goodie bag upon arrival. There are a bunch of prizes to be won and after that lovely 6am (AEST) start time you can wind down with an included showing of X-MEN: Dark Phoenix. Not bad for $20 a ticket, with all proceeds going to the CREATE Foundation.

More info: Xbox Rumors at E3 2019 – GameSpot
More info: Xbox Australia’s GrE3n Carpet Experience – Microsoft

2. Ubisoft to spill the beans on ‘Beyond Good & Evil 2’

People are super excited about this game and look for Ubisoft to dish out just enough to keep that buzz going for another year because we’re certainly not seeing it released soon.

With their big hitter “Skull & Bones” reportedly scratched from the E3 table at the last minute Ubi will be hoping BG&E2 can wow just as big as it did last year.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s HitRecord still has some skin in the game so who know if JGL will return to the stage but in all honesty that was probably the low-point in the game’s long awaited reveal in 2018.

More info: Official Beyond Good & Evil 2 website

3. Cyberpunk 2077 – ’nuff said

Do you know the best way to end an E3 conference presentation? No? Microsoft sure did last year, dropping the gameplay reveal of CD Projekt Red’s long anticipated Cyberpunk 2077.

Immediately the hottest ticket in town attendees would almost sell their soul’s at a chance to huddle into a tiny room and watch a detailed theatre presentation on the game. We were lucky enough to be invited in and can’t wait to see exactly what the CDP team have in store for us this year.

We already know there wont be a hands-on, which is sad, but CDP have called this their most important E3 yet, which can only mean we’ve got a lot of information coming our way!

More info: Cyberpunk 2077 preview

4. The return of Master Chief in ‘Halo Infinite’

If they could start off by telling the world exactly what the hell Infinite is actually about, that would be a good start! Beyond last year’s teaser trailer little to nothing is known about the next title in the very successful Halo franchise.

We know of course that Infinite is the continuation of Master Chief’s story and there’s been a lot of focus on the fact it will use a new engine to tell it. There have also been rumours the game will adapt to the player’s decisions and introduce more of an RPG element to the series.

PC gamers should get excited about it too because the game will be released for both Xbox and PC as well include four player split screen and most definitely NOT including a battle royale mode apparently.

More info: Halo Infinite: What we know so far – PC Gamer

5. Hands on with Remedy’s ‘Control’

The team behind the psychological thriller that was Alan Wake are about to do it all again with their new game Control. It hits the shelves in August but they’re returning to E3 to show off the game one final time before then.

The eery shooter has you playing the director of a secret agency that deals with otherworldly threats. With the situation somewhat out of hand you battle get things back under “control” using some of your very cool supernatural abilities like being able to fly, use rubble as a shield and a very Jedi-like ability to pick up and fling objects at your will.

Announced as a part of Sony’s E3 festivities last year the Remedy team (who also developed the TV-tie-in Quantum Break) are said to be cosying up to their old pals MS for a showing in 2019.

More info: Official Control website
– Control (Remedy)

6. Bethesda filling a ‘Starfield’ sized void

Todd Howard burst everyone’s bubble recently telling us that not only would there be no Starfield at this year’s E3 but there’d be no Elder Scrolls 6 either!

It’s not something we’re going to be talking about” he said, so what exactly will they be talking about then?!
Doom Eternal seems to be the popular choice. We’re already fully aware it’s in the pipes and there was a hefty load of info revealed at Quakecon, but short of another Walmart Canada incident there’s likely something else up Bethesda’s sleeve.

Perhaps Todd is playing the misdirection game but with Starfield and ES6 both likely to be next-gen release I just hope it’s not more 76 filler.

More info:  Doom Eternal reveal at Quakecon – Polygon

7. Double Fine are bringing ‘Psychonauts 2’ to town

Way back when there was a game called Psychonauts that critics raved about and those few whom played it fell in love with giving it an almost cult like status in video game history.

Commercially the game bombed. In fact it bombed so hard its originally publisher went out of business because of it and we’ve not heard much about it since.

Now, after a series of indie wins and popular remakes, Double Fine have seen it fit to resurrect the franchise. Announced on the game-investment website Fig, Psychonauts 2 will be demoed at E3 by Double Fine king pin himself Tim Shcaffer and star of the show Jack Black.

More info: Pyschonauts 2 will be at the E3 Coliseum – VG247

8. Nintendo show off their new Switch(es)

Speaking of the Switch, despite saying they’re not going to announce new hardware at the show Nintendo haven’t said anything about doing it just before it. Or maybe just after?

The Wall Street Journal seem to think we’ll see two new Switches released this year and showing them off at E3 would be a pretty good to generate some buzz.

I say Switches plural because they’re expected to announce a cheaper version without HD Rumble (like anyone ever cared about it) and a beefed up “avid” gamer model for the Nintendo l33t.

Even if they don’t have new Switches to show us there’ll be a bunch of stuff to tell us about Animal Crossing and a new Luigi’s Mansion. Nintendo always deliver.

More info: Nintendo to launch 2 new Switch models – WSJ

9. Everything we have no idea about

Almost everything I’ve mentioned we know about but the greatest thing about E3 are the reveals we have no idea are coming!

Sure there’ll be another Gears of War and we’re pretty sure Fable is getting a reboot too but what will be this year’s Cyberpunk 2077 or indie darling à la Cuphead? Could the rumours about George RR Martin teaming up with From Software be true? I can’t wait to find out!

What are you looking forward to at E3 this year? Or is the fact we might have a year off from Assassin’s Creed for the first time in what feels 10 years excite you more than anything else? We’d love to hear what’s on your radar!

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