Turnbull & Brandis idiotically believe they can crack encryption by creating laws

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull is set to announce new laws today will “oblige” both telcos and social media platforms like Facebook and WhatsApp to give Australian security agencies access to encrypted messages.

Attorney General George Brandis has confirmed that the government won’t be asking for flaws in encryption software to allow access by authorities, and instead companies will need to (where possible) decrypt messages as requested – with a warrant.

I can’t even…. What on earth do these guys think they’re doing?

“OK Facebook, build a backdoor into WhatsApp.” Brandis demands.

Meanwhile the “Baddies” move to Signal or Telegram or any other of the hundreds of end-to-end encryption services.

“OK [message service], build a backdoor for Australia.” 

“Nah, fuck off.” they say.

“Hmmm… OK, well you can’t operate here.”

“Cool. No problemo bruh.” hangs up

Everyone continues to use whatever they want via a VPN, circumventing any restriction or law.
Oh and they can torrent to their hearts content too and reach all those sites that Brandis et al tried blocking.
They also happen to get around your stupid meta data laws too.

Stop wasting our time and money.

Source: New Australian Laws Force Facebook, WhatsApp To Open Encrypted Messages | Gizmodo Australia

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